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about riles

riles is a nonbinary queer, a multimedia street artist & a visual poet, among other things. they create collage poetry & handwritten poems & short phrases, with an emphasis on the visual presentation of their words. 

they are unapologetically soft in a world that often tries to harden us.

riles writes a monthly handmade, one of a kind, art zine that can be purchased by joining their patreon. every month there is a new theme, & they ship the zines from around the world! you can learn more about their work and their travels by checking out that patreon or their instagram.

riles is a founding member of Street Poets Society, an art collective focused on fostering & celebrating connection between all humans, regardless of our seeming differences. they are also a member of Pestilencia Worldwide, an international street art collective. 

to read more of their thoughts on poetry, art, and the world, you can check out their blog project Whispers From Home.

for commissions or booking inquiries, please email rileslovesyall at gmail dot com.

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