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A couple tips for how to make mail more fun

do you send snail mail? (or maybe you just started to try to save USPS?) want to delight your recipients more with your mail? read on for some thoughts on how to improve your mail game & leave a lasting impression. be the reason someone smiles when they open their mailbox 💌

physical mail, or snail mail, is special to me because it must go from hand to hand, finger to finger. the smudged ink, the oil stain, the slightly crinkled paper: these can't be digitally replicated. they are organic; they are honest; they are human. you take the time to sit down and craft something to purposefully send around the world to delight someone, or make them think, or make them cry. i've had my walls covered in postcards from people i've never met, & that Amazes me! 

if you're currently a mail enthusiast, perhaps you already create beautiful art you send. if you're a creator shipping art, perhaps you've never thought about how the mail Itself can be art! and if you're new to mail entirely, here are just some thoughts on how you can up your mail game from the start. 

whether you're writing a letter to a pal or shipping art to customers, one thing you can do to delight your recipient is paint the envelope!

it's a simple thing that makes mail day feel so special for the person receiving the mail! i just use simple acrylic paints and a palette knife for this. use a few colors that will go well together if smeared, dab them onto the envelopes, and go wild!

if you're more of a drawer or doodler than a painter, just grab your pencils or markers and do little doodles. this can be a fun practice for you, and it will make your mail memorable for the recipient, which will help your customers remember your brand and be excited to buy from you again!

if you're neither a painter or a drawer, consider using tools like rubber stamps and washi tape to decorate the envelopes. a little bit off effort will go a long way to show folks you care, give them a great mail day, and make them want to keep getting mail from you 💌

speaking of doodling on envelopes, another tip to send amazing mail to delight your customers is to turn your sketchbook style practice into mail art!

if you're an artist who makes physical art, whether you're a painter, illustrator, poet, mixed media artist, or something in between, you can turn your sketchbook into mail art.

like i mentioned above, you can doodle and draw on envelopes (or even fold your own envelopes out of your sketchbook pages 🤯) you can also make little sketchbook postcards. sometimes i get cardstock and cut it down to between 4"x6" and 5"x7", and just pile that on my desk to use instead of a sketchbook. i play around on the front of pages, and then go through the stack later when i want to send out postcards. people love getting the original art, and you get to practice different little things without stacking up sketchbooks. (maybe you're a sketchbook hoarder, which i fully support, but as a frequently travelling artist, i am always trying to find ways to reduce the number of things i keep with me, and as a sustainability advocate i am always looking for ways to reuse anything i have, so this is a two-fer!)

what other ideas do you use to add some spark to your mail? let me know in the comments!

with love,

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