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Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box
Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box
Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box
Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box
Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box
Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box
Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box
Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box

Soft Surprises - Monthly Earring Subscription Box

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Do you want to grow your earring collection with a surprise pair of earrings showing up on your doorstep each month? Or send a gift that keeps giving to a stylish, soft hearted friend or lover? 

Join the Soft Surprises monthly earring subscription club to get a beautifully packaged pair of handmade earrings sent straight from my studio each month.

You can choose whether you would like to receive monthly packages of small stud earrings or bigger dangle earrings. The shape, colors, and style will vary with each earring club subscription box you receive. Read below to learn more 😘

What can I expect when I sign up?

Shortly after you sign up, I will send you a handwritten welcome note introducing you (or your gift recipient) into the club and letting you know when to expect your first soft surprise. You will also receive an introductory email that includes a survey for you to take. This survey will give me, the artist, more information about some of your likes, dislikes, favorites, and more. I will use this to create the best pieces I can for you 💜 

Then at the beginning of the next month, I will send you an email with some thoughts about the upcoming earrings. (Spoiler alert: if you'd like your packages to be a complete surprise, skip these! I'll make that clear in the email subject 😉) This email may include options for customization like different colors, shapes, or text. By the middle of the month, you will receive a beautiful package with handmade, unique earrings in the club style of the month. 

The styles for the earring club will not necessarily be exclusive to the club, but you are likely to get them first and to get them less expensively than they will be sold for in the shop. Plus, they're made with your preferences in mind, and you don't need to do anything for them to show up beautifully and effortlessly on your doorstep 💌

You can click here to see my whole currently available collection of polymer clay earrings to get a sense for my style and make sure that's what you're interested in adding to your collection when you sign up. Polymer clay earrings are lightweight and durable, though they should not be worn under water and can be scratched, so they should be treated with care. Each pair of earrings is hand made in my studio in Seattle, WA. They will all have unique color shapes and flows and possible imperfections that remind you they were made by human hands. I infuse each piece with care as I mix, mold, shape, package, and ship it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of earrings will I get?

If you choose the "Studs" option, you will get a pair of studs, either post back or drop hoop post, each month. They will range in size, but generally be small (> 1")

If you choose "Dangles" you will get dangle, drop, or hoop styles which will vary each month. Size will vary from Smol (1") to Big Poppa (4") though I will tend to stick to things in the middle (~2"). 

If you choose "Studs OR Dangles" it will rotate month to month, and if you choose "Studs AND Dangles" you will get both styles each month. 

When will I get my first shipment?

You will receive your introductory note in the mail within 1-2 weeks when you join the group, and you will receive your first soft surprise earring subscription box the next month. I'll remind you (or your gift recipient) in that first note when to expect your first earring subscription box.

Earrings are all shipped during the month after you've paid. For example, if you sign up any time during January, you will receive your first earrings during February. If you end your subscription after making a payment in October, you will receive your last pair of earrings in November. 

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! You will be able to cancel or pause and restart your subscription at any time through the customer portal. If you're having any issues, I'm always here to help 😊

When will I be billed for my monthly subscription?

You will be charged when you first sign up. After that, you will be charged on the 28th day of each month, and your earrings will ship the middle of the next month. If you sign up before the 28th of the month, you won't be billed again until the next month. For example, if you sign up on May 3rd, your first earrings will arrive in June. Your next payment will be June 28th for earrings that will arrive in July, then a payment July 28th for August earrings, etc.

What if I want to give this as a gift?

Excellent! You can do that. Just be sure to tell me the email address of the recipient in the order notes, so I can send them a nice introductory message and get their preferences for the jewelry 💜  You should include the gift recipient as the address when you check out, and if you would like to also order one for yourself to a different address, you will need to go through the checkout process twice. 

What if I want to pay a lump sum ahead of time?

At this moment, that's not an option due to the technical way this payment system is set up. However, I'm working on making that possible for you, so this can be an option for folks who might want it in the future 💜

What if I don't have pierced ears?

You're still welcome! I can create clip-on dangles for you in most styles, and for months where I have a style that can’t be clip-on, I will make you a beautiful alternative in a matching colorway with the rest of that month's pieces.

Do other store discounts apply to the Soft Surprises earring subscription club? 

They do not, because these are already at a discount. While the designs created each month will vary, many of the pieces I share with you will retail up to double the cost of the club. So not only do you get beautiful earrings effortlessly arriving at your door, but you will get more complex and customized designs at a discount ✨